1. New York Times Best-Selling author, Karen Sconiers White “Spinning the Moon”
  2. Steve Beecham “What’s Your Buzz?”
  3. Ron Wallace “Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver”
  4. Stan Beecham “Elite Minds”
  5. Matt Kunz “To God and My Country”
  6. Bob Meyers “Barns of Old Milton County”
  7. Morgan Janet Blanks Rodgers “Timing…The Key to Life”
  8. Lucinda AndPerry Johnson “The Christmas Spirit Is Born”
  9. Kit Cummings “Peace Behind the Wire”
  10. Cynthia Wise “Eyes of Autumn”
  11. Hollis Ledbetter “Oh My Gosh!”
  12. Mark J. Orr “Retirement Income Planning”
  13. Megan Wargula “Riley Carson And The Cherokee Caves”
  14. George Horrigan “Creating a Thriving Business”
  15. Rob Proctor “Katie & the Carpenter”
  16. JD Walker “Be Known For Your D.E.E.D.S.”
  17. Grant McGarry “A Night in the Pech Valley”